Premarital investigation

The role of this type of investigation is to provide you with all information about the person who is to become your life partner, son-in-law or daughter-in-law. No matter what situation you are in, our specialists will obtain all the information you want to know.

If the sixth sense tells you that something is wrong with the person who is to become part of your family, it is recommended that you remove all suspicions so that you do not continue to live in uncertainty. Our detectives will carry out investigations and identify all the details that are of interest to you. There may be something about people’s history, which they don’t want to discuss.

It can also be about information about previous behaviour, about the connections with several people, details relating to the previous job and about absolutely anything you are interested in. With the greatest discretion, we will supervise and investigate the persons concerned and at the end of the investigation you will receive the full report so as to find out whether you have any real reasons to worry.