Investigation in case of divorce or separation

No one wants to divorce but these cases are quite common. To help those who want to be informed, our team will provide divorce or separation investigation services.

In most cases, the reasons for a divorce or separation of partners are obvious. Sometimes things are filled with suspicion. There are also situations when it is necessary to identify proof to help with further clarifications or even to obtain evidence that can be used in divorce. Regardless of the reason for these investigations, our team finally provides you with information of interest.

The full report submitted at the end of the investigation has this role to bring into the open the hidden details that one of the partners may avoid revealing in the event of a divorce.

With discretion and professionalism, our private detectives will investigate, supervise and collect information and poof or photographs and necessary evidence. We have been working transparently from the beginning and we establish from the very first meeting the action plan based on the information of the case and on the recommendations of our professional detectives.